Xativa Cycling Center


Welcome to Xàtiva, where cycling merges with the rich history, natural beauty, and unique hospitality of this Mediterranean gem! At cicloxativa.com, we invite you to explore the Costera region and its neighboring areas through our routes designed for all types of cyclists.

Mediterranean Climate and Diverse Routes

Immerse yourself in the mild Mediterranean climate as you pedal through diverse routes that take you through captivating landscapes. Escape the heavy traffic and find serenity with every pedal stroke. Xàtiva offers a charming alternative to other destinations, with less-traveled roads and an authentic connection with nature.

Unmatched Attractions

Discover the tourist, heritage, and scenic value that defines Xàtiva. From centuries-old castles to historic monuments and charming medieval corners, every corner tells a rich and unique story. Cycle through streets steeped in history and let each route also be a journey through time.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Take advantage of your time off the bike to explore the rich local culture through Xàtiva’s unique cuisine. Delight in Mediterranean flavors that await you at the end of each route, making every stop a memorable culinary experience.

Cycling without Compromises

Enjoy cycling without compromises in Xàtiva, where the diversity of terrain offers everything from gentle routes to challenging ascents. Explore the Canal de Navarrés and the Vall d’Albaida, discovering new landscapes on each journey. At cicloxativa.com, we not only offer you routes but also an invitation to experience Xàtiva from the unique perspective of cycling. Welcome to your ideal cycling destination in the heart of the Mediterranean!